College Consulting Services

Every member of our team is a globally experienced educator and parent. Understanding that each child has different goals, we emphasize a personalized approach tailored to those goals and your preferred way of working. In particular, our college consulting services program focuses on meeting your needs, not conformance to our set framework.

K-12 U.S. Schools

We help our clients search for the best possible school for who they are today and for who they aspire to become. Our involvement includes: helping families understand the vast array of options available in the States, helping students build self-awareness and self-confidence, and assisting students in collecting the skills and experiences that are the hallmarks of future success in a rigorous academic environment.

  • Comprehensive support K-12 school search and complete the application
  • Research summer/winter programs
  • English language programs (ELS) for international students
  • Other programs to strengthen your resume (i.e., leadership, outdoor activity, internship, research, and athletic competition)

College & University

We take great pride in identifying your child’s ‘right-fit’ college. Moreover, we believe deeply that the best college option for one of our clients isn’t determined by the institution’s ranking but by the quality of the successes our client achieves when they get there. We help each of our clients take ownership of their journey toward college success. This includes getting to know them at a fundamental level and creating opportunities for them to steer their own development productively.

Early College Planning

  • Self-awareness and self-confidence training
  • Career assessment and advising
  • Recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer/winter programs.
  • Advice on course selection and academic planning
  • Testing recommendations and planning
  • Personal development: planning, time management, goal setting, productivity, and communication skills

College Application Preparation

  • Preparation of a “good fits” list regarding academic, social, geographic, and financial considerations.
  • Resume/activity support
  • Essay writing support from brainstorming through final editing to ensure that the essays reveal each client’s unique voice and character
  • Interview skills and practice
  • Application editing and support
  • College visit pointers and guidelines 
  • Scholarship application support
  • Assistance with the selection of the final choice

College Transfer

Students transfer between colleges for a wide variety of reasons. With decades of college teaching and advising experience, we are exceptionally well suited to assist our clients in processing their prior experiences and identifying the most stimulating and affirming institution for the next phase of their college career.

Graduate Schools and Career Development

The decision to pursue graduate education can be pretty complex. As with college, applicants must clarify their interests and document their potential. Moreover, the most successful graduate students have thoughtfully considered the social and financial opportunity costs associated with education versus on-the-job experiences. The secret to graduate education is not just ‘what’ or ‘where.’ It’s ‘when.’ We’ve spent years teaching and advising masters and doctoral students, not to mention reviewing thousands of applications. Song Laird’s suite of college consulting services is uniquely tailored to help our clients get into graduate school at the most advantageous time for their careers.