Build your sense of agency for college and career success

We help students and families navigate a complicated college application process and make informed decisions by providing strategic advice and processes.
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30 years of expertise in education and career development
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95% acceptance rate to top 3 choices
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Trustworthy consulting proven by 99% client referrals

Great Process, Excellent Outcomes

95% of our students attend one of their top 3 choices

About Us

Together we will identify your ‘Right-Fit’ college.

We are an education consulting firm with exceptional knowledge and experience in helping students with college admissions, career planning, and cross-cultural challenges. With mentoring, care, and structure, we aid our students in becoming scholars who make the most of their university and career experience.


Explore College Admissions Programs

College Admissions Consulting

8th - 12th grade students

Succeed in high school and prepare for college admissions.

Writing Programs

5th - 12th grade students

Improve your writing skills with our essay experts.


11-12th grade students

Master college applications in a group setting.

Seminar for families

Check out Song Laird's College Admissions Seminars

Learn today’s college admissions and make informed decisions.


We provide customized support across the entire school and career path

K-12 School

Problem-solving, cultural adaptation, parent meetings, & Summer planning

College Transfer

College transfer application & essay writing

Graduate Program

Graduate school application guide, essay writing, & career counseling

Career Counseling

Resume, Job Search & Career consulting


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