Here’s what our families and students have to say


Parent in CA

We are immensely grateful to Dr. Laird for her unwavering support throughout the college application process during my daughter’s Junior/Senior years, which ultimately led to a successful outcome. My daughter was going through a challenging period, overwhelmed by the pressures of school and family expectation, and struggling to maintain motivation amidst the complexities of college applications. Dr. Laird was incredibly open and attentive to our concerns, going above and beyond to ensure we navigated the process with assurance. Under her exceptional guidance, we identified the perfect liberal arts college in California that resonated with both my daughter and me, and decided to apply for early decision. Receiving the acceptance letter in November was a moment of pure joy and validation of the hard work and dedication we put in, alongside Dr. Laird’s invaluable assistance. We cannot thank Dr. Laird enough for her pivotal role in this journey. Her expertise, dedication, and genuine care made all the difference, and we are forever grateful for her support.


Parent of three, TN

I never attended school in the United States, and the language barrier made the college admissions process for my three children a tremendous challenge and burden. During this difficult time, I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Laird. She not only demonstrated leadership in guiding the children but also showed compassionate understanding by listening to our children. Based on her extensive knowledge of all aspects of the admissions process, she systematically prepared and guided us through each necessary step.

In addition to thorough preparation for the admissions process, Dr. Laird sincerely consulted to hear our concerns about our children’s future. She invested a significant amount of time researching, making a great effort to find the right school for each child. Thanks to her effort, all three of our children were accepted into their top-choice schools on the list.

I can still vividly remember those moments of unbridled joy – Our eldest daughter jumping down the stairs with the early acceptance email; My son found his acceptance letter at Costco tearfully expressed his happiness – all of our three children experienced the joy and happiness. Looking back, having Dr. Laird by our side during the most challenging times allowed us to navigate and experience miracles. 


Once again, I express my gratitude to Dr, Laird. I hope that all families who prepare for college admissions can have great success like mine.


Naman, TN,

Duke University

I’ve been working with Dr. Laird for almost five years now and the one thing I can confidently say is she will give her all. Even before college applications, she was able to help me plan for the future, form strong habits, explore my passions, and connect me to amazing people and opportunities. As the college application process began, she had everything planned from the timeline, to drafting essays, to having all of my work reviewed, making applying to a large amount of colleges— 20 in my case— quite stress free.
However, one of the best things about working with Dr. Laird has been that she cares. She has been my support and encouragement, spent her own time helping me, and gone the extra mile as more than just a consultant. Ultimately, the personal roadmap she curated for me as well as the highly custom approach has helped me not only get into the college of my dreams but develop a skill set that will allow me to be successful beyond the near future. I highly recommend Song-Laird to anyone who wants to get into a good college, gain skill sets, uncover more about themselves, and have a mentor by their side. Thank you for all your help Dr. Laird.

Frederick, TN,

University of Notre Dame

I worked with Dr. Laird for about one year. She was phenomenal from start to finish. From organizing my list to completing application documents and making my final decision, she was organized and thorough. I always felt well-informed on the process and confident in the progress that we were making. In particular, her essay revision system was top notch. I was able to tell a cohesive and engaging story for each prompt. With Dr. Laird’s counsel, I got into 10 out of 12 schools, including my top 2 choices, and I will attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a structured system for developing a college list or a boost to the strength of your applications!

Alisha, KY,

University of Pittsburg, Guaranteed Admission Program

Dr. Laird was my saving grace throughout my whole college admissions process. The support that I got from her and her team was absolutely phenomenal. She not only helped me with the actual application process, but she also helped me build my resume. From helping me create my first college list to revising my essays and applications, she was there every step of the way.
What was truly amazing to me was the emotional support I received from Dr. Laird. She understood how stressful the whole process was and constantly reminded me that one college decision did not define who I was as a person.
In the fall, I will be attending the GAP (BS/MD) program at the University of Pittsburgh. Only 10 students out of around 3000 that applied were accepted to this program. I was also accepted to Vanderbilt as a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar, and to Centre College as a Browns Fellow. It is safe to say that without the help of Dr. Laird, I would not have been accepted to all of these prestigious colleges and programs. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Laird and her team for all of your college application needs.

Reyna A, New Jersey,

Northeastern 2023

I’m happy to let you know I committed to Northeastern!! I’m so excited for my next four years and the road ahead. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for my family and me. Truly, words cannot express how happy I am to have found you. This process has been so easy with you, and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else.

Erin P. in Seoul, Korea

Rhode Island School of Design, 2022

As a student who was lost and overwhelmed by the unbearable amount of essays I had to write, I am very grateful to have met Dr. Laird during the most crucial time of my high school career. For the excellent support, guidance, shared knowledge, and confidence she has given me. She helped me explore numerous ways of thinking creatively, persuasively, and descriptively in writing.
Not only did she help me pull out my strengths in drafting ideas, but also she guided me in figuring out who I am as a person. Although I still have a lot to learn, I have achieved results beyond expectations with her approach and counsel.

Sophie, TN,

Washington University at St. Louis, 2022

Dr. Laird has been a fantastic resource to turn to whenever I had questions, a patient guide, and a supportive friend for all my milestones. As someone who didn’t have much background information on the college application process, I heavily relied on Dr. Laird to teach me all I needed to know. She’s relieved a lot of stress regarding my college decisions and contributed to my goal of getting into WashU!
I cannot thank Dr. Laird enough for all the help she’s given me along my college journey!

Olivia S. in FL,

Georgetown University

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Laird throughout the tumultuous journey that is the university application process. Although I was relatively familiar with the innings of the application process, Dr. Laird was incredibly knowledgeable and expanded my radius of opportunities beyond the imaginable. Dr. Laird doesn’t want you to succeed; she wants to help you metamorphose in this voyage and find your passion.
There were many ups and downs, but I’m grateful I had the support of Dr. Laird and my Mum to guide me in my next steps when seemingly insurmountable mountains came into view. Dr. Laird is the best motivational trekking partner a student could ever have—she ensures that you, too, can conquer the journey.
I’m so grateful to have met Dr. Laird. The quality of her guidance is unparalleled and I believe that many of the lessons she shared will not fade. Thanks to the journey she guided me through, I’m glad to say that I will be attending Georgetown University as a Gates Scholar in the Fall. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Laird for all she has shown me, and most of all for her unwavering kindness and love. Thank you always, Dr. Laird!

Heewon Y in Texas,

Haverford College

Working with Dr. Laird has been one of the highlights of my senior year. When I began my college search in the summer, I was very nervous. I worried about how to choose schools, how to write my essays, and how my application would be reviewed amid COVID-19. However, Dr. Laird eased much of my worries and guided me through the process. She was always available to listen and offer amazing advice. She gave me a better understanding of the difference between colleges and universities and introduced me to schools I am absolutely in love with now. Dr. Laird also reviewed my essays and helped me find my voice. I’ve written multiple college essays this year but improved each time from Dr. Laird’s feedback. I honestly feel so blessed that I was able to work with a professional like Dr. Laird. I’ve talked about the college process with my school teachers and counselors, but Dr. Laird’s one-on-one coaching has been my most valuable resource. I am much more confident in my college applications because of her support. Dr. Laird is an excellent, wonderful college counselor and I am forever grateful for all the guidance she has given me.

Kenny, TN

Underwood International College, Yonsei University, Korea

The college admissions process can be quite difficult and stressful. Frankly, I didn’t know what to do. However, with the resources and assistance Dr. Laird provided me, I became confident about myself and the admissions process. She was always there whenever I needed help or words of advice. Dr. Laird always cared about me, and her advice will stay with me for the rest of my career and life.

Edward, NJ,

Georgia Tech, 2023

Through Mrs. Laird’s consulting sessions, I was able to know what I truly wanted from college. It was not the name or ranking of the college but the college that really fits for me. Mrs. Laird worked hard asking me questions to find my interest and I think that it opened my eyes on how many other colleges that I just could not see before. As the result, I could apply for colleges that I would not have applied for when I was going through the process on my own and ended up getting in. Even though our main focus on chatting was about college applications but I also really enjoyed having side chats about high school life, or college life and stuffs. Mrs. Laird is like a big library who can provide you a lot of information outside of college application process.

Karah S.

Vanderbilt University, Graduate Nursing Program

Dear Dr. Laird,
Thank you and Thuy again for your help with my Vanderbilt application last fall. I found out last night I’ve been accepted!! I could not have done it without your guidance and support. This has been a dream come true, and I have you and Thuy to thank for making it possible!! I truly cannot express my gratitude enough.

Maunil in KY

University of Louisville GEMS (Guaranteed Entrance to Medical School) with the full scholarship.

Dr. Laird was a great help to me in my college process. She was there to help me with anything I needed, from my essays to how to fill out the Common App. I can wholeheartedly say she was committed to helping me out of care and dedication. I could not have made it through this process without her.

Ashley K, Seoul Korea,

Vanderbilt University

Dr. Laird was a fantastic mentor and compassionate supporter throughout my high school journey. She helped me tremendously in my academic endeavors, particularly throughout the essay writing process. Her incredible guidance and support throughout the past years were valuable in my acceptance to my dream school!

Alex, TN,

Purdue University, IN

Hello Dr. Laird! I just first of all want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me throughout the years we’ve been meeting. I got into one of my top schools today and am super excited. It was Purdue even though it wasn’t for engineering it was still for Cybersecurity I am very happy. Again thank you for sticking with me for this whole time, for always being there and helping me tremendously. Thank you so much!!

Poonam N,

Parent in TN, New York University

I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude! You were a God-sent in keeping Aishni engaged and motivated throughout this process. There were many nights when she and I were utterly frustrated with the progress; she was losing her motivation and focus, and I was losing my patience! Each time, you came in with your calm presence and focused guidance for Aishni! I cannot thank you enough! A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders now that she is done with this part!

Dr. Stephen and Marci,

Parent in TN, Texas Christian University

We cannot thank Dr. Laird enough for her strategic, thoughtful, and enthusiastic work on behalf of our daughter.
Dr. Laird quickly learned our daughter’s strengths and interests. Based on this, she helped our daughter identify schools that perfectly fit her academics and social/emotional characteristics. Dr. Laird established a timeline that helped keep Marissa on task and current with the applications and essays despite the numerous distractions in the life of a high school senior. Please make no mistake; investigating, applying, and visiting colleges is a lot of work. Dr. Laird managed to make the process fun and exciting!
Marissa’s essays were some of the best we have ever seen! Dr. Laird worked effectively and diligently with Marissa on many drafts until the essays were her best.
Dr. Laird and Marissa made the choice together to apply to her number one school Early Decision. Marissa was accepted to multiple schools and will enroll as her number one choice in the fall!
Our daughter has repeatedly thanked us for hiring Dr. Laird to guide her through this process. While the investment may seem large financially, it is completely worth it. We also were given much of Dr. Laird’s time outside of her meetings with Marissa even beyond the scope of our contract. Thank you!

Parent in TN,

Beacon College

While we came to the college planning process a little late (fall of my daughter’s senior year), Heejung worked with us to determine the right level of services we needed. I was most impressed by how well she listened to my daughter and understood her desires and needs and recommended several schools we would never have found on our own. She expertly shepherded my daughter and me through the application process, and my daughter was accepted at all the schools to which she applied. Heejung understood teenagers and knew when to prod my daughter so she could stay on track gently. Having Heejung in our corner was invaluable as we navigated the college search and application process.
I highly recommend her services to anyone with a child getting ready for college search, selection, and application.


Parent in TN

My son and I first met Dr. Laird at the end of August in his 12th grade. I hesitated to make a decision as it seemed a bit late to start the application process. However, I certainly decided to work with her on the essay assistance because I strongly felt her sincere heart to help my son.
Dr. Laird knew exactly what each college essay prompt was asking for, and she guided him to find his stories to answer each prompt. He pulled out his stories, gradually expanded and refined them, and eventually put each piece together to complete his essays.
As a mother, I can’t imagine how painful it would have been without her guidance and assistance in this stressful process. I am very fortunate and grateful to meet her at this important and difficult time for my son and me. I hope that we will continue to cherish our precious relationship.

Minji in TN,

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

I was in the most significant transition, struggling with stress and pressure. In the meantime, Dr. Laird’s sincere advice and systematic college admission advising process helped me.
She was differed from other college-consulting firms that tried to squeeze me into a high-ranked, name-value university, not considering my long-term future. They meditate together beyond my undergraduate admission: college life, undergraduate experiences, graduate school, getting a
job, and how you should prepare to live your life. Regardless of what you dream of, or even if you don’t know what you desire, they will be your guide and do their best.
I got into lots of universities, and some of them seemed unlikely for me to get into with my not-extreme high GPA and ‘Good’ but not excellent SAT scores. I was thrilled and knew this would not have come true without Dr. Laird. Their system is very systematic, and their materials and maps are unimaginably well structured, especially in college admission essays.

Darren Z,

Brentwood TN, Ohio State University (CS), 2022

Dr. Laird and Thuy are very professional and kind. They helped me through every step of the college’s progress. My English wasn’t the best as it was my second language, and I was clueless about college, but Dr. Laird never counted the meeting hours; she made sure I understood everything. I could tell she truly cared about my success. She considered my college expectations, likelihood, and financial condition and found the best choices for me to choose from. Thuy also gave me great suggestions on my writing. They took all of the pressure of applying to colleges off me. I couldn’t have asked for better service than what they have provided.

Giovanni, TN,

(Division II, Soccer), Ferrum College

Hi Dr. Laird, I can not express how much I appreciate what you did for me and my family. I just got an acceptance letter from my dream school with a $25,000 scholarship. That’s more than I would’ve expected, and I just can’t thank you enough because I know I wouldn’t have been able to get it done without you. Thank you !! I will give you a gift when I accomplish my dreams.

Jeannie, FL,

The University of Florida (full scholarship)

Throughout my college search process, Dr. Laird helped guide my school choices based on my preferences and what would be deemed the best fit for me. Not only that, but she also assisted in refining my application essays, which helped me present writing that was professional yet characteristic. Overall, Dr. Laird encompassed a compassionate and supportive attitude that made me feel comfortable in this stressful process of applying for college.

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