College Admissions Consulting

Enjoy the process and maximize your outcomes with our personalized college admission strategies.

Comprehensive Package

Early Planning

8th , 9th , 10th grades

Explore opportunities to discover your strengths and interests. Build your profile to excel at your dream schools, not just gain entrance.

College Application

11th, 12th grades

Build your college list and master your applications for admission.

Senior Rush

12th grade, Enrolled after June

Time to focus on thoroughly presenting all your hard work in college application.

Programs on Specific Needs

Essay Package

11th, 12th grades

Write an essay to express your authentic voice and characteristic

Capstone Project

10th, 11th, 12th grades

Conduct research, create a passion project, or learn through online resources.

Aptitude/Interest Assessment

All grades and ages

Identify your aptitude and interest to project your future career

Ask Us Anything

All grades and ages

Open topic consulting starting with the current concerns of students and parents in schools and college planning

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