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We become a mentor for students and a strategic partner for parents by providing expertise and thoughtfully designed processes to navigate college admissions.

A Message from Song Laird

Growing up, I have longed to become a citizen of the world.

After completing college in South Korea, I set for myself a simple goal – earning a doctorate degree before the age of 30. Studying in the US was thrilling but challenging. At times, it felt overwhelming. However, thanks to my mentors and their guidance, I achieved my goal and successfully built my career in global organizations.

Along the way to working in education and development, my desire to directly impact students’ lives strengthened. I decided to become an independent educational consultant (IEC) and received a certificate with distinction from UC Irvine. Having a second career in education consulting, I am passionate about helping local and international students and immigrant families navigate the college application process. Over the past few years, I have personally visited colleges and universities, engaged with admissions officers, and participated in multiple professional organizations with the goal of providing truly informed advice to students and families.

Planning for college and applying for admission can seem stressful for students and their families. However, it doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead and follow the process to complete your tasks. Most importantly, when you find yourself at a righ- fit school, it’s worth every effort.

Let me be with you every step of the way. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your exciting journey.

Your mentor and cheerleader,

Dr. Heejung Song Laird

Our Beginning

Our Beginning

Song Laird Education Partners began with two dedicated educators who have successfully navigated various countries and cultures. Finally, we both attended prestigious universities and earned doctoral degrees in education from the top American programs in the field of education.

Today, they both consult, teach, and advise families, schools, universities, and state governments in education. Somewhere along the way, they found each other, started a family, and developed a college consulting practice dedicated to paving the way for like-minded, exceptional young people.

Philosophy of Practice

Philosophy of Practice

We believe our clients’ best colleges won’t be determined by name values or rankings but by matching the myriad of academic and social opportunities to each student’s interests. We build their sense of agency throughout the college planning journey by providing resources, strategies, and personal guidance. Our students don’t just enter their dream school but thrive there. In the end, college isn’t the destination but a step path to a fruitful career.

Why Song Laird?

We stand out in education consultancy because of these reasons:


We are sincere and dedicated. Because it is about our children’s education, it is important. We respond to students’ needs with full intention and thorough explanations, whether a simple text or a virtual meeting.


With 30 years of professional experience in the field of education at global organizations, we serve as a mentor for students and a trustworthy partner for parents. With constant research and a wide network in higher education, we help our clients make informed decisions.


We encourage students to be accountable for their tasks during the process. We help them explore, learn, and reflect on their experiences. This approach not only ensures their success in high school but also better prepares them for college admission and beyond.


College application requirements vary across institutions, causing many parents and students challenges. We implement a thorough plan within a systematic framework – particularly the essay process – and we lessen your level of anxiety, increase productivity, and meet expectations.


As parents of school-aged children, we hear your concerns. That’s why we want to be our students’ mentors, consultants for parents, and at times a bridge between them. We can bring serenity when you need it.

Who will get most benefit from Song Laird’s guidance

When you need comprehensive support to manage the entire process of college application for your child due to your limited time and information

When you are unfamiliar with US education and college admissions due to immigration or moving to the US for children's education

When you want a tailored approach using a personalized strategy for your child in understanding your needs and characteristics well rather than following one solid curriculum by a large practice

When you need a career professional who has a long view to support finding interest and career search incorporated in college exploration

When your teenage child needs a mentor who can listen, encourage, and advise in academic and college admissions

When it’s beneficial to work with a counselor who can work and effectively communicate between parents and child in college preparation

When you would like your child to manage the application process but still need personal support and guidance (student-centered process rather than consultant or company driven fixated on acceptance only)

Our Team

교육 컨설팅의 질은 컨설턴트의 역량과 경험에 의해 결정됩니다

CEO / Consultant
Heejung Song Laird, Ed.D

Heejung’s enduring passion has always been the interplay of different cultures. She has spent a lifetime learning how to succeed, academically and professionally, in a diverse, global community. An accomplished educator by training, she also has a profoundly personal drive to help young people eager to explore the larger world. As the heart and soul of Song Laird Educational Partners, Heejung brings cutting-edge college consulting expertise, a wealth of professional experience, and an abiding personal connection to all our clients.

Thuy Rocco, M.S.

Thuy Rocco’s journey from adversity to a life of resilience and inspiration is beautifully captured in her award-winning memoir, “The Last Surviving Child.” Through poignant stories and poems, she shares her refugee experience, transcending moments of death, poverty, racism, discrimination, and abuse to find hope and survival.

Esther Yi, M.S.

After majoring in Education with a minor in Psychology and Social Work at Yonsei University, South Korea,  and completing further training at Vanderbilt University, she specialized in family counseling at the Graduate School of Theology in California. With a vision to support the mental well-being of students and families, she has dedicated over 25 years to nonprofit organizations, offering counseling in various aspects such as life, mental health, and relationship enhancement.

Advisory Board

Dr. David Laird, Ed.D

Born to a globe-trotting family, David’s formative years were split between Mexico City, Tokyo, New York, and Boston. In addition to global travel, education and athletics have been the other constants. As a professional, a dominant theme of his work has always been exploring the conditions in which humans genuinely excel. 

Ms. Kathryn March

Ms. Kathryn March worked in education and career counseling for more than 20 years. She has continued to provide benefits to Song Laird as a great mentor to Heejung in the education consulting practice. She has been an independent consultant since June 2007. Before that time, she worked as a high school counselor, serving as Director of Counseling at a high school in Williamson County, Tennessee, and a Dean of Students at a suburban high school in Minnesota.

Dr. Sun-Young Park

Dr. Sun-Young Park is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the School of Management of the University of San Francisco in California, U.S.A.  She draws from her extensive academic and professional expertise in strategy, corporate social responsibility, branding, and marketing. Her research papers have been published in the top journals and are highly cited. She strives to help her students develop and practice more sustainable business models.

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