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Open topic consulting starting with the current concerns of students and parents in schools and college planning

We are here to help on any topic!

Are you anxious and stressed because of parenting or college preparation? Does the unceasing influx of or constant change of information confuse your decision?

Our expertise and wisdom can help you lessen stress and make informed decisions for your child. Consult with us at any time!

Topic Examples

This open-format consulting offers consultations on any topics related to high school, college admissions, higher education and career for parents and students. 

Some examples include:

– How should I manage course selection?

– As a parent, how can I prepare for counseling/teacher meetings at school? (Effective communication strategies in Korean international schools or U.S. high schools for parents)

– How can I determine which extracurricular activities are most suitable for my child? 

– When and how should I prepare for ACT/SAT exams?

– How do I plan my summer? What summer programs are most suitable for my child?

– When should I start college visits, and how do I make it effective? What information should I gather during the visit?

– What steps should I take to maximize opportunities for receiving college scholarships?

– How do I apply for financial aid (FAFSA, CSS Profile)?

– When researching colleges, where should I look for information?

– Which application type should I choose (Rolling, EA, REA, ED1, ED2, RD)?

– How can I make the most of my Common App?

– What is the process for submitting additional items for college applications (portfolio, resume, etc.)?

– How should I prepare for interviews?

– I want to transfer from my current university. What do I do?

– I want to pursue graduate studies. Where should I start?

– I’m planning to relocate for a job in the U.S. How can I improve my resume to find a good fit position?

As a student who was lost and overwhelmed by the unbearable amount of essays I had to write, I am very grateful to have met Dr. Laird during the most crucial time of my high school career. For the excellent support, guidance, shared knowledge, and confidence she has given me.

Erin P. in Seoul, Korea. Got Accepted at Rhode Island School of Design, 2022

We are here to help!

We can consult and help you find the best solution on various topics. Please contact us now!

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