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1:1 Comprehensive Consulting
Grades 11, 12

Complete your applications throughout the effective process and strategy for success.

Great efforts with Process, Strategy, and Care

Including the Early Planning services, we build a well-balanced list tailored to each individual’s right-fit college through deep search, discussion, and decision. In this phase, we strategically incorporate all efforts and activities throughout the four years of high school into the application, understanding the different evaluation criteria of each school. Each essay and application undergoes thorough review, with a dedicated effort to help the individual’s authentic voices and characteristics.

The Service List

1.Pre-application Support

We build a tailored timeline and roadmap for each student from 11th grade to the end of enrollment decision in 12th grade. With a thoroughly organized plan, we guide students to complete all the requirements. Of course, we pay keen attention to our students' well-being during this challenging time. Customized service from the Early Planning program is provided based on the needs of each student.

2. College list Building

  • Critically review prior academic records, testing, and co-curricular involvement.
  • Present a list of 15-20 colleges that represent “good fits” for the student in terms of academic, social, emotional, and financial preferences of the student and family.
  • Assist students with researching and refining the colleges to 8-12 “best fit” preferred schools. 
  • Assist with an appropriate application completion.

3. Essay Prep and Revision

  • Guide the whole process of essay development and completion – ensuring that the essays winsomely reveal the character qualities of the student.
  • Update resume and/or activity sheet
  • Essay review response is within 24-48 hours.

4. Applications

  • Make final review and scrutiny of student-completed applications.
  • Provide deadline and requirements charts.
  • Support time management and tracking the deadlines
  • Provide application strategy (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision) 
  • Assist with interviewing and practice

5. Post application

  • Assist with the selection of the final choice
  • Provide an overview of financial aid and scholarships
  • Support to manage waitlist, deferral, or appeal letter
  • Help with FAFSA & CSS Profile (additional cost for CSS profile)

There are three packages in the College Application program based on the number of college applications and specific programs.

Consult with Dr. Laird to find which service best suits your needs.


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