Early Planning

1:1 Comprehensive Consulting
8th, 9th, 10th grades

Build your profile to excel at your dream schools, not just gain entrance.

Why and who needs early planning for college?

Almost every year, we hear acceptance rates at highly selective universities have dropped to the lowest in history. Admission requirements vary among colleges and universities, and they often change. It can benefit some students and families – particularly those unfamiliar with the US education system and college preparation – to navigate complicated college planning in advance so that they can plan and build the best strategies to achieve their goals.

The early planning program aims to build a student’s profile for success in high school and college entrance by identifying their strengths and interests, building healthy study habits and routines, and exploring learning opportunities. This package is appropriate for high school grades 8, 9, and 10, specifically suitable for those needing comprehensive guidance to target highly selective and selective schools.

The Service List

  • Comprehensive review of academic, personal, and extracurricular background
  • Advice on course selection
  • Offer testing recommendations and strategies
  • Overview of college admission process 
  • Critical review & analysis of academic records
  • Administer assessments and review the results
  • Discover major choices and career options
  • Consult on extracurricular activities, athletics, and community service
  • Assistance with summer planning and program application
  • Build and update an activity list/resume
  • Assistance in scheduling and making college visits
  • Provide study skills, goal setting, time management (if needed)
  • Providing Google Folders with information and resources
  • Equip families with strategies to facilitate communication and optimize decision-making

There are two packages you can choose from in the Early Planning Program: Essential Package focuses on core services, and the Premium Package provides additional assistance to enhance a student’s profile, aiming for highly selective and selective schools.

The Application Program will continue for 11th and 12th-grade students.

We serve a limited number of students annually,  please contact us early.


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